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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cheb Khaled, Aicha

My hero

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim (Arabic: خالد حاج إبراهيم‎‎, born 29 February 1960), better known by his stage name Khaled, is an Algerian musician, singer and songwriter born in Oran Algeria. He began recording in his early teens under the name Cheb Khaled (الشاب خالد, Arabic for "Young Man" Khaled, as opposed to the traditionalist Sheikh elders) and has become the most internationally famous Algerian singer in the Arab world and across many continents. His popularity has earned him the unofficial title "King of Raï".His most famous songs are "Didi", "Aïcha" and "C'est la vie" as well as "Alech Taadi", which was prominently featured in the feature film The Fifth Element. LINK Aicha

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Remember Christina Grimmie

Christina Victoria Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 10, 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, actress and YouTuber known for her participation in the NBC singing competition The Voice and for her covers of hit songs by contemporary pop musicians. In June 2011, she released her debut EP, Find Me. Her studio album With Love was released in 2013. A second EP, Side A, was released in 2016. A posthumous release, Side B, was also made available on iTunes and Spotify. Her posthumous album, titled All Is Vanity, was released on June 9, 2017. In 2014, Grimmie was a contestant on season 6 of The Voice and finished in third place. Adam Levine, her coach on the show, announced in the finale that regardless of the results he would sign her to his label 222 Records. Lil Wayne also offered to sign her to his label, Young Money Entertainment. She was signed with Island Records for a short time before being dropped. She took an acting role in 2016, making her first and only motion picture appearance in The Matchbreaker. On June 10, 2016, Grimmie died of gunshot wounds inflicted in a targeted attack that followed her concert performance in Orlando, Florida. LINK Remember Christina Grimmie LINK Christina Grimmie

Monday, September 11, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Luna van Leeuwen

And Vinchenzo

Luna van Leeuwen from Bilthoven is totally crazy about music. The young teenager has been playing violin for several years and these weeks are one of the participants at the Summer Academy at the Peter the Great Festival. "I think this is a very nice Academy," says Luna with a big smile on her face. "In the mornings we get lessons from a teacher for a number of hours. This happens in very small companies to make the most of your profit. "At the Summer Academy, held at the Prince Claus Conservatory, this year brings about eighty young musicians. For eleven days, they are working intensively and at high level to improve their technique and repertoire. My mother forbid me to play violin "I'm from a very musical family," says Luna. "My mother is also playing violin and she made me very enthusiastic at an early age. In the beginning, she still forbid me to play violin because two violinists in one family, which was not useful to her. But after a while playing piano, the blood was still crawling where it could not go." Listen Luna @ youtube And more: Despacito - Vinchenzo & Luna

Friday, August 25, 2017

Naum Gabo (Наум Абрамович Певснер)

Finally after years 
The Constructivist sculpture from Naum Gabo Is almost saved

Last year, the owner of the artwork - Bouwfonds Investment Management - and the municipality of Rotterdam intensive consultation on the desired restoration. Based on previous investigations carried out on behalf of the owner, it has decided to restore the sculpture and to consult with representatives of the municipality and the Rijksdienst Cultural Heritage. This led to the submission of the Concept Request on July 25th. Next Wednesday is the first step, the plan of action, for advice at the Welfare and Monuments Commission. The large sculpture, with nicknames 'The stylized flower' and 'Het Ding', is part of the De Bijenkorf complex. The image was produced in 1956-1957 on the basis of a drawing and models of the Russian artist Naum Gabo. The work took place in the construction workshops and machine plant 'Hollandia' in Krimpen aan den IJssel. The artwork was revealed on May 21, 1957. It is about the largest modern artwork in the public space at that time. The National Monument is considered a milestone in the visual arts of the reconstruction period. LINK 2008

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Crown Point Press

Founded in early 2011 by photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan, IN THE MAKE has been a collaboration that offered an intimate look at contemporary art practice on the West Coast. Over the course of 4 years we visited 123 artists. Through visiting artists in their studios we learned about each artist’s space, process, influences, and the behind-the-scenes elements that are often unseen in a gallery or museum setting. We documented and published these visits with the hope of revealing both the richness and the daily realities of creative work. Our aim has been to raise interest in art practice, while simultaneously debunking the romantic myth of the artist. We recognize that creative work is real work, done by real, passionate people in all sorts of different spaces. We are not art critics, but rather deeply curious observers; looking for the ways that each artist’s aesthetic pervades their environment and reveals their perspective. read more... LINK inthemake

Friday, August 18, 2017

The risk of International Klein Blue

A visitor of an art exhibition in Belgium was so impressed by the exhibition that he had a work of art. The visitor walked through the work Dry blue pigment, from the French artist Yves Klein. 

International Klein Blue (IKB) was developed by Yves Klein in collaboration with Edouard Adam, a Parisian art paint supplier whose shop is still in business on the Boulevard Edgar-Quinet in Montparnasse. The uniqueness of IKB does not derive from the ultramarine pigment, but rather from the matte, synthetic resin binder in which the color is suspended, and which allows the pigment to maintain as much of its original qualities and intensity of color as possible. The synthetic resin used in the binder is a polyvinyl acetate developed and marketed at the time under the name Rhodopas M or M60A by the French pharmaceutical company Rhône-Poulenc. Adam still sells the binder under the name "Médium Adam 25".
In May 1960, Klein deposited a Soleau envelope, registering the paint formula under the name International Klein Blue (IKB) at the Institut national de la propriété industrielle (INPI), but he never patented IKB. Only valid under French law, a soleau enveloppe registers the date of invention, according to the depositor, prior to any legal patent application. The copy held by the INPI was destroyed in 1965. Klein's own copy, which the INPI returned to him duly stamped, is still extant. In March 1960, Klein patented a method by which he was able to distance himself from the physical creation of his paintings by remotely directing models covered in the color. LINK BOZAR LINK NOS (in Dutch)

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial Foundation

R † JAM 
@ Oude Binnenweg Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial Foundation commemorates the deceased Rotterdam jazz musicians in an artistic way. One of the initiatives of R † JAM is the production of portraits of Rotterdam's jazz cory fairies by renowned cartoonists and illustrators. The images of Theo van den Boogaard, Lorenzo de Bruin, Robert van der Kroft, Jan Kruis, Louise Lagerweij, Martin Lodewijk, Dick Matena, Peter Pontiac, Wouter Tulp, Martin Valkhoff and Joost Swarte are performed on enamelled signs and a number of murals. With this and the publication of the biographies of Rotterdam jazz musicians, the foundation R † JAM seeks to preserve them for oblivion. LINK: R † JAM (in Dutch)

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Старо Железаре (Staro Zhelezare)

Mural project

A sleepy village in central Bulgaria is harnessing the power of celebrities, hoping for an economic revival through art. This project has been created by Bulgarian artist Ventsislav Piryankov. He has an ancestral home in the village, which has become a small art centre. The artist has been living in Poland with his wife, but he spends the summer months in Staro Zhelezare. In the last three years Ventsislav Piryankov organizes a festival of wall painting called Village of specifics in which Polish artists paint portraits of local people with chosen by them celebrities. In the village there are 38 murals with Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Mr. Bean, Leonid Brezhnev, Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachov and others. Among Bulgarian celebrities are Todor Zhivkov, Volen Siderov, Maya Manolova, Rashidov and others. read more... LINK Daily Mail LINK BNR

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Exhibition @ PHŒBUS

Film by Dolf Pauw


The summer exhibition 2017 in PHŒBUS • Rotterdam shows an overview Of work in the gallery - a good time to get to know the gallery. To enjoy the decor and works by 40 visual artists. Open on appointment and on dates read more on site... LINK PHŒBUS

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Hague has been enjoying his hopjes and the Zealands since their memory of humanity, their Babbelaars. But Rotterdam had their teeth full of teeth for centuries when asked for their traditional candy. Until now, since next week, the candy can be found in Rotterdam. The candy has been added as 'the building blocks of Rotterdam'. This refers to the rich architecture of the city of Maas and reconstruction. Ingredients include spicy cinnamon and a touch of mint. That causes a tingling feeling on the tongue. The candy is produced in Rotterdam by Rotterdammers and packed in a box with the skyline of the city. LINK Rotterdammertjes

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lakota ceremonial songs

Performed by John Around Him 
Translated by Albert White Hat, Sr. 

Albert White Hat, Sr. (1938-2013) was a Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota educator, author, linguist, tribal and spiritual leader, and respected elder. His Lakota name, Natan Tokahe, means "The First One to Charge." His grandfather was Chief Hollow Horn Bear, a Lakota war leader and later a negotiator for native rights. A respected tribal leader himself, Albert White Hat, Sr.’s awards included the 2007 Governor's Award in South Dakota. Specifically, he received the Living Indian Treasure Award “for his many contributions to Native American art forms. White Hat, who has been honored by the designation of traditional Chief by the Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota people…continues to promote education and awareness for his people in the 21st century while maintaining a traditional way of life.” Other awards include the Gamahiel Chair for Peace and Justice in 1987, the Outstanding Indian Educator Award in 1995, and the National Indian Education Association's Indian Elder of the Year in 2001. He also served on a number of tribal councils over the years. LINK Albert White Hat, Sr. LINK Lakota Lodge Songs 1/16

Monday, July 10, 2017


A protest march against the policy of President Erdogan from Ankara to Istanbul ended Sunday afternoon with a mass incident attended by hundreds of thousands of Turks. The mass protest in the Maltepe district of Istanbul formed the conclusion of a march from Turkey's biggest opposition party, the CHP, which is intended as protest against the Islamic Conservative government. LINK read more

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Quality Bulgarian wine you’ll find here

@ Vino Orenda

Our concept is that we offer wines not from large wineries that are familiar to the general public, but emphasize on small family, boutique, craft wineries. Each bottle has passed through us, through our personal selection, we have tasted it, we know where it comes from. What matters to us is not only the actual wine itself – as a value, vision and product, but the whole process and the people behind it, what is their idea for the creation of wine culture itself. Nowadays many wineries work with environmentally friendly practices for certified organic production and naturally, doing this in Bulgaria, creates a product with a very high value that we want to be familiar with, not just a bottle and a label. So for us it is important to know the history, the small details, even gossip about a producer and everything associated with them. LINK read more

Monday, July 03, 2017

Jazz in the City

In Rotterdam The Netherlands 

In June and July, leading up to the Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz Festival, many jazz festivals and events take place throughout the city. The Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz Festival is the biggest jazz festival of The Netherlands. Every year they manage to attract legendary names and new talents in the jazz genre. Before and during NSJ there's lots of jazz activities in the city to enjoy. LINK northseajazz

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ode to Wintertuin

The future of talented writers

Wintertuin is a literary production company. In short: everything we do revolves around writing and writers. We organise literary festivals, produce literary shows, teach workshops, publish books and guide and represent young writers.  We currently employ a staff of fifteen: writers, editors, programmers, producers, a designer and marketeers. 
LINK Wintertuin read more

Cameras banned @ The White House

Drawings by Bill Hennessy 
Source CNN

Bill Hennessy, the network's regular sketch artist for Supreme Court proceedings, headed over to the White House on Friday afternoon and drew Press Secretary Sean Spicer's afternoon briefing. He didn't have his usual easel, but he stood in the back of the briefing room to document the scene. Hennessy's sketches aren't exclusive to CNN; other news outlets may also use them. LINK art without…

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ootje Oxenaar

Banknote with portrait of a famous Dutchman 
and the Revolutionary series of bills without portraits

Oxenaar insisted that he gained insight into all security techniques that printer Joh. Enschedé would use to prevent his designs from being modified during production. That's happened with his first banknote, the five-gold bill from 1966. Oxenaar has also been the founder of using bright colors of banknotes, each coupure having its own color, making them easy to distinguish. This principle has been continued with the euro. LINK ECB

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The White Stripes


The White Stripes was an American rock duo formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The group consisted of Jack White (songwriter, vocals, guitar, piano, and mandolin) and Meg White (drums and vocals). After releasing several singles and three albums within the Detroit music scene, The White Stripes rose to prominence in 2002, as part of the garage rock revival scene. Their successful and critically acclaimed albums White Blood Cells and Elephant drew attention from a large variety of media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the single "Seven Nation Army" and its guitar line becoming their signature song. The band recorded two more albums, Get Behind Me Satan in 2005 and Icky Thump in 2007, and dissolved in 2011 after a lengthy hiatus from performing and recording. The White Stripes used a low-fidelity approach to writing and recording. Their music featured a melding of garage rock and blues influences and a raw simplicity of composition, arrangement, and performance. The duo were also noted for their fashion and design aesthetic which featured a simple color scheme of red, white, and black - which was used on every album and single cover the band released - as well as the band's fascination with the number three.The band's discography consists of six studio albums, one live album, two extended plays (EP), one concert film, one tour documentary, twenty-six singles, and fourteen music videos. Their last three albums each won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. LINK youtube

Monday, June 05, 2017

Robert Rost

Resident Artist

Robert Rost has been active as Resident Artist Benelux for Winsor and Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris since 2011 and, among other things, has been implementing TFAC since its launch in 2012. Due to his experience as a teacher at Willem de Kooning Academy, basic, secondary and special education and his knowledge of materials and technology, gained in his artistry, this position within the TFAC is very good. In addition to his role as Resident Artist, Robert applies his own professional practice and works in his studio for his paintings. He regularly manages and produces portraits and wall paintings for individuals and companies, or gives workshops and team building on request. LINK Robert Rost

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rineke Dijkstra

Hasselblad Award Winner 2017

Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra tends to work in series, concentrating on individual portraits. She focuses on people in a transitional stage of their life, such as women after giving birth in 'Mothers', adolescents and pre-adolescents on the beach in her 'Beach' series and new recruits in 'Israeli Soldiers'. Her subjects stand facing the camera against a minimal background. The simplicity of the resulting image encourages us to direct all our attention towards the isolated subject. Read more Hasselblad foundation

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trabant @ William Boothlaan Rotterdam


The first of the Trabants left the factory of the VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Saxony on 7 November 1957. The Trabant was a relatively advanced car when it was launched in 1958, with front wheel drive, a unitary construction, composite bodywork, and independent suspension. Its greatest downfall was its engine: by the late 1950s many small cars in western countries already used cleaner and more efficient four-stroke engines like that in the Renault. Budgetary constraints and raw materials shortages forced the use of an outdated but inexpensive two-stroke engine in the Trabant. When released, the Trabant was technically equivalent to the West German Lloyd automobile, which had an air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke engine in a similarly sized vehicle. However, the Trabant was quite a modern vehicle regarding some of its technical solutions:[citation needed] it had a front transversely-mounted engine since the late '50s, and front-wheel drive in an era when many east and west European cars were using rear-mounted engines or front-mounted engines with traction on the rear wheels. In West Germany, for example, there were very few cars with front-wheel drive in the 50's. Volkswagen, German Ford and Opel had adopted front-wheel drive after 1970. The main drawback of the Trabant was the fact that it was produced largely unchanged; it became heavily obsolete even since the 70's mainly due to its two-stroke engine, so its exports in Western Europe were limited. LINK read more

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

100th anniversary of the ‘De Stijl’

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the art movement known as ‘De Stijl’, NBTC Holland Marketing has declared 2017 the ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’ Year. Various cities and regions throughout the Netherlands, including Utrecht and Amersfoort, will host parts of the Year's programme. De Stijl continues to have a tremendous influence on art, design, architecture and implements. Four of the most important De Stijl artists ‒ Piet Mondrian, Gerrit Rietveld, Theo van Doesburg and Bart van der Leck ‒ were born in Utrecht or Amersfoort. Consequently, Utrecht & Amersfoort are showcasing these artists' heritage. In 2017, influential work by artists including Gerrit Rietveld and Piet Mondrian will be uniquely spotlighted in new exhibitions and events. Although Rietveld and Mondrian never met back in the day, this will be achieved symbolically in 2017 during the Mondrian to Dutch Design theme year. Businesses, shops and numerous organisations, too, will embrace the theme year with dozens of activities. 
And Dutch Post issues stamps. LINK Where?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

De Voordracht

@ WORM Rotterdam

De Voordracht Offers: The Performing Arts. Poetry, music and the spoken word all come under De Voordracht in WORM Rotterdam. Let yourself be accompanied by singer and composer Annelie Koning, blow over the lyrics of Sabina Lukovic, or confuse by the raring Tim Lenders. Josse Kok will rock the stage. With his algorithmic wordinggame, Christopher Blok will surprise the hall. After absorbing all the madness, PollyAnn brings ... read more @ link LINK WORM

Monday, May 08, 2017

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

and the unknown performer

"Nothing Else Matters" is a song by American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released in 1992 as the third single from their self-titled fifth studio album, Metallica. The song peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart as well as top-ten positions on many European charts. "Nothing Else Matters" was featured as a playable track in the music video game Guitar Hero: Metallica. Recognized as one of Metallica's best known and most popular songs, it has become a staple in live performances. The song has been covered nearly a hundred times. LINK Resa LINK Metallica